Justicia Climática

CSOs demand political will to set an ambitious NCQ towards COP29

… And that doesn’t increase the debt burden

Unsustainable debt burdens are threatening to jeopardize the very integrity of the Paris Agreement and the objective of limiting global temperature rise below 1.5ºC, preventing meaningful efforts to implement mitigation and adaptation measures, as well as derailing measures to avert, minimize and address loss and damage, particularly for countries in the global south. Most indebted countries worldwide are also highly vulnerable to the impacts of the climate crisis.

Therefore, we recommend that:

  • The process of setting an NCQG should not result in further indebtedness from climate finance in the global south and thus should follow the principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities (CBDR) and adopt a climate justice perspective.
  • The provision of international public climate finance in the form of grants, and highly concessional finance, should be at the core of the NCQG.

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